Apex Supports Pax Center

Will Sing 4 Food – Top Sponsor

On March 5th, 2021, several musicians of LaPorte County gathered together to provide a fundraiser, Will Sing 4 Food, for the Pax Center. During this event, Apex Filling systems was recognized as the event’s “Top Sponsor.” During this fundraiser, musicians would play songs in order to convince the audience to donate to the Pax Center for them. In total, the event raised over $10,000. Apex employee, Kyle Oscarson, along with his brother were able to fundraise over $2000. Apex believes that strong and stable companies derive from strong communities and strong individuals. For this reason, Apex is proud to support the Pax Center in their endeavors.

As described by their website, the Pax Center’s goal is to keep LaPorte County well-fed and well-loved through a network of food pantries, community meals, and community gardens. On a weekly basis, the Pax Center provides two community meals open to the public. Even through the pandemic, the Pax Center fought hard to provide ‘“to-go” meals to the families that needed it and provided their free clothes pantry.

More Pax Center Information can be reached at

When musicians continue to support local charities through “Will Sing 4” fundraisers, Apex will continue to support the community alongside them.


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